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We work with both individuals and businesses involved in oil production.

If you own a well or have mineral rights that have long been in the family, there are lots of complexities involved regarding ownership rights and royalties.

If you operate an oil and gas company, you may have hundreds of wells to reconcile monthly.

At Mays & Associates, we have longevity in Oil and Gas accounting.

Our team will get production reports from well providers or whoever manages the wells. We take a look at how much went out and how much was produced monthly, quarterly, and annually. We compile this information on your behalf so that you have a continual record of data regarding where you’re at with production and royalties. Having this information to review helps oil and gas clients make informed decisions about future endeavors.

From large scale oil and gas companies to mom and pop sole owners—we help them all.

Our CPAs provide consultations for taxes, which provides an estimate of what will be owed and we’ll help you get the most benefits for your particular situation.

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